Product Lifecycle Management Overview



Many embedded applications, especially in military and defense environments, require product lifecycle support that extends to 10 years and beyond. ADL Embedded Solutions is skilled at working closely with our customers to deliver full product lifecycle management support including locked BOMs (Bill of Materials), locked hardware and firmware revisions, End-of-Life (EOL) notification, and extended inventory availability.

Product Lifecycle Management



Locked BOM Support – provides customers the ability to fix their bill-of-materials to prevent inadvertent changes without customer knowledge.
Hardware Revision Control – allows customers to lock hardware revisions of critical hardware components to prevent inadvertent changes without customer knowledge.
BIOS/Firmware Revision Control – allows embedded customers to lock CPU BIOS/firmware revisions to prevent inadvertent changes without customer knowledge.
EOL Notification Process – provides customers with 6-12 months of notification whenever possible to allow customers the necessary time to either plan for last time buys, or perhaps upgrade their hardware to newer, more readily available options.
Extended Inventory Availability – is often available as a result of ADL Embedded Solutions access to large contract manufacturers with large component inventories and buying power that allows ADL Embedded Solutions to provide many CPU boards, peripherals, and components well beyond their EOL expiration dates.
Revision Controlled Source Control Drawings – provides system customers with mutually approved, document controlled specifications control all aspects of a system design’s form, fit and function including BOM, hardware and design revisions, and all other details of the design.