Intel® Core™ i7 Payload Computer Industry: Unmanned Systems Application: Embedded Vision

Commercial drone technology has increased significantly in recent years. Many now use more advanced imaging camera systems with Hyperspectral imaging, short-wave infrared (SWIR) and LiDAR (light detection and ranging) technologies. All of these advanced commercial technologies puts a huge burden on the payload computer, particularly to datalink speed, storage and processing power. ADL Embedded Solutions recently collaborated with a client developing next-generation SWIR sensor technology requiring a drone test platform for demonstration purposes.

Intel® Core™ i7, IP67 Main Control & Vision Box Computer System Industry: Government, Industrial, Security & Surveillance Application: Image Recognition

The conservation and management of fish stocks relies heavily on fish-count surveys. In an effort to improve the shortcomings of the latest camera-based trawl (CAM-Trawl) system used to develop these surveys, ADL Embedded Solutions worked closely with NOAA’s (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and its National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) to make key improvements to the computer portion of the CAM-Trawl system.

Intel® Core™ i7 Data Logger Industry: Transportation Application: Automated Vehicle

A Major US Automobile Manufacture’s automated vehicle research program needed a vehicle-deployed rugged computer to process and store a large volume of hi-definition video data generated during long track testing periods. The system needed to be able to handle high vehicle trunk temperatures and the shock and vibration generated during vehicle test track operations. Using our 2nd Generation Intel Core ADLQM67PC-i7-2715QE with its superior graphics capabilities, ADL Embedded Solutions designed a compact PCIe/104 solution enclosed in our modular MES8200 rugged chassis and delivered it in less than 4 weeks.

Intel® Core™ i7 Hyperspectral Imaging System Industry: Government, Industrial Application: Avionics, Computer Vision – Hyperspectral Imaging

A leading supplier of hyperspectral imaging systems was looking for an MCOTS system solution that provides high-speed data processing and storage in one compact enclosure, designed for airborne environments. In critical hyperspectral imaging applications, continuous streams of incoming data represent the chemical or spectral ‘fingerprint’ within the field of view. Because hyperspectral imaging involves high-speed scanning across a wide or continuous field of view, large data files (often several gigabytes in size) need to be collected and managed. ADL Embedded Solutions’ engineers worked closely with the client to develop a system specification, Solidworks 3D CAD designs, quick-turn system prototypes, and follow-on production deliveries. The custom chassis incorporates a 2nd Gen Intel Core ADLQM67PC, with a custom-designed 4-port Cameralink card, ADLPS104 ATX power supply and high-capacity SSDs. For airborne applications, the system has no moving parts and is ruggedized for high shock and vibration environments.

European Traffic Control / Toll Booth Monitoring System Industry: Industrial Automation Application: Automotive Supplier

A leading International Hardware Mounting / Assembly Company consulted ADL Embedded Solutions to replace 2 different Industrial PC setups with a single solution. The primary goal for the customer was to develop a custom rugged fanless IPC solution that featured long-term available CPUs, maintaining a single master image of the software, and a unique BOM part number for ordering. Additional features required of the IPC included: expansion capacity for one or two fieldbus cards PCIe X1 Profinet / Devicenet, and tool-free access (hot-swap/hot-plug) for the one or two 2.5” SATA SSDs. The ADL Embedded Solutions 3.5” SBC in a custom-designed chassis allowed the client to easily replace the CPU or upgrade to higher performance processors as technology evolves.

Rugged MIL-STD-810 Router System Industry: Government & Defense Application: Network Communication

ADL Embedded Solutions was approached by a prime military contractor in the Aerospace market to create an airborne, MIL-SPEC rated embedded networking system. The requirements were for a Gen2 Intel Multicore SBC, 6 isolated/unswitched LAN ports (2 on the SBC, 4 on peripheral card), able to meet MIL-STD-704/1275/461, MIL-STD-810, and support of Red Hat Linux Distro. There was a critical specification for the unit to be conduction cooled and it had to meet a strict dimensional specification of 1.7″ height x 4″width x 7” depth.

ADL Embedded Solutions design engineers worked closely with the customer providing evaluation products, Solid Works renderings, SCD (creation), and custom milled enclosures with compact faceplate connectors. Our extended Temperature Screening and Ruggedization enhancement processes provided robust reliable PCIe/104 i7 SBCs that exceeded the customer’s requirements. The custom designed systems use our ADLQM67PC-i7-2655LE SBC, ADLLAN 4 port LAN card, and ALDPS-150-12 power supply.

Rugged Oil & Gas Platform Controller Industry: Energy – Oil & Gas Exploration & Production Application: Process Monitoring and Control

ADL Embedded Solutions was contacted to replace another vendor’s system that had been experiencing on-going problems both functionally and in supporting the product’s longevity. The requirement was for a 3U aluminum enclosure that would function as a data concentrator in hazardous oil and gas environments. The data concentrator is a light-weight profibus device that uses a low-power Intel Atom Z530 SBC for its processor. This unit could not have any moving parts so that active fans could not be used. A conduction cooled approach was used so that no potential electric sparks would be created. This system is used to monitor measuring equipment via a process control system. This variant is used in explosive/hazardous areas where power can be delivered over the bus to field instruments, while limiting current flows so that explosive conditions are not created, even if a malfunction occurs. Hundreds of systems are currently in the field both in the US and around the world and have a track record of 100% reliability. In addition, ADL Embedded Solutions EOL support program has provided this product’s availability. This program began in 2012 and will go well into 2018 and potentially further.