CPU: Intel® Core™ Celeron/I5/I7 Processor (Haswell)
CPU Choice: Celeron 2000E, i5-4400E, i7-4700EQ
Chipset: Intel® QM87 (Lynx Point-M)
onboard Connectors
RAM: Up to 8GB DDR3L 1600MHz
LAN: 2x GbLAN Intel i210/i218
USB: 8x USB 2.0, 2x USB 3.0 plus 2x USB2.0 via PCIe/104
COM: 2x COM RS232
ISA: no additional PC/104 
PCI: no additional PC/104-plus, PCI-104
PCI-Express: 1x PCIe/104 (PCI Express)
Storage: 4x SATA (6Gb/s) (RAID 0/1/5/10)
Storage: 1x mSATA Socket (CPU-Bottom)
PCIe Expansion: PCIe mini Card (shared with mSATA)
Audio: 1x HD Audio (DP/HDMI), 1x HD Audia via FCI Connector
GPIO: 1x GPIO (16) via FCI Option
TPM: 1x TPM 1.2
Temp Std.:  -20° to +70°C
Temp Ext.:  -40° to +85°C (option upon request)
PSU DC Input: ATX requierment 5V, 5VSB (12V optional for PCIe or FAN)
PCIe/104 Typ: Typ 1
SBC Formfactor PCIe/104
Dimension: 115mm x 96mm (4.5" x 3.8")
Weight: 95gr


The ADLQM87PC delivers the industry’s highest GIPS per in2 and the most denselypacked comprehensive set of features. The ADLQM87PC’s 17 in2 footprint features 4th generation Intel Core processors with Intel 8-series QM87 PCH chipset, onboard Mini PCIe/mSATA socket for on-board WiFi, GPS, bootable flash storage, a Trusted Platform Module (TPM v1.2), 2xUSB 3.0, 1.35V , 4x SATA 6 Gb/s, 2x GLAN, DisplayPort, HDMI/DVI, VGA, etc…all with a smaller footprint, height and greater temperature range and ruggedness compared to a basic COM-Express module. 

The ADLQM87PC features a vastly improved Intel HD4600 graphics engine with 2x the performance of the previous 2nd generation Intel Core graphics. It is ideal for spaceconstrained, rugged, or extended temperature applications where multi-core processor performance is critical. It brings unparalleled performance to countless applications such as radar and sonar processing, image signal processing, tactical command and control, surveillance and reconnaissance, transportation and railway. 

ADL Embedded Solutions offers for ADLQM87PC 3D CAD modeling support and full system design services which include custom chassis design, thermal solution design and system integration services.

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Ordering Information

Item Codes Part# Description
ADLQM87PC-4700EQ 292750 4th Gen Intel i7 Quadcore CPU(4x 2.4GHz, max. Turbo 3.4GHz)
ADLQM87PC-4400E 292752 4th Gen Intel i5 Dualcore CPU(2x 2.7GHz, max. Turbo 3,7GHz)
ADLQM87PC-2000E 292756 Intel Celeron 2000E CPU (2.2GHZ)
DDR3L-DRAM4096-(V) 997600 DDR3L-1333/1600 MHz 4GB Standard Temperature
DDR3L-DRAM8192-(V) 997601 DDR3L-1333/1600 MHz 8GB Standard Temperature
DDR3L-DRAM4096-EX-(V) 997602 DDR3L-1333/1600 MHz 4GB Extended Temperature
DDR3L-DRAM8192-EX-(V) 997604 DDR3L-1333/1600 MHz 8GB Extended Temperature
Thermal solutions    
ADLQM87PC-FANSINK 292762M-SET heat sink (cu enhanced) and fan assembly for ADLQM87PC dual/quad
SPREADER FANSINK DUAL 292416M-SET Heatsink with dual fan assembly for ADLQM67/87PC to be mounted on top of ADL SP0600/SP1000 typical bench- & development use only!
ADLQM87PC-SP0600 292760M 0.6" heat spreader (cu enhanced) for ADLQM87PC
ADLQM87PC-SP1000 292761M 1.0" heat spreader (cu enhanced) for ADLQM87PC
CS-100 290010 10"x10" thermal chassis simulator for development
Cables & Accessoires    
ADLQM87PC-CK 292770 Development cable kit for ADLQM87PC (W/O SATA,GPIO,USB3,HDMI, DVI,DISPLAY PORT)
STANDOFF-MSS 293406 standoff 0.6" (15,24mm) PC/104 M3, QTY 1 precision milled
STANDOFF-1"M3 293436 standoff 1.0" (25,40 mm) PC/104 M3, QTY 1 precision
ADL-HDSATA 100-9915 Cable 4x SATA high density
ADL-HDVGA 100-9920 Cable VGA CON high density
ADL-USB3-HD 100-9925 Cable 2x USB 3.0 high density
ADL-DVI-HD 100-9935 Cable DVI-D/F high density
ADL-DP-HD 100-9940 Cable Display port high density
mSATA/PCI Express Mini Card mounting option 46199042 Set for mechanical mounting of mSATA or PCI Express Mini Card-Modul on ADL CPU-Board
ADL-ET 290000 Extended Temperature Screening (–40C to +85C)
UNDERFILL 807707 BGA underfill req’d for <1nm BGA solderballs w/ Ext Temp
COATING 807706 Conformal Coating
UNDERFILL/BONDING/COATING 807709 Underfilling, Bonding, and Conformal Coating