ADL Heatpipe Thermalsolution

The ADL Embedded Solutions Heatpipe is designed for space constrained applications in rugged and harsh environment. The industrial grade sinter Heatpipes run in any orientation and can be mounted in ANY direction. This thermal solution even works in space (without any air and gravity). With the US patented design this advanced thermal solution is able to adjust different levels from imprecise chassis milling. Additional the “Spring-Design” protects the board with soldered CPU and Chipset against high shock and vibration force.

This is not a standalone thermal solution! The ADL Heatpipe must be mounted to a approved or sufficient heatsink.
To be used with: ADL855PC, ADL945PC

Ordering Information

Item Codes Part# Description
Thermal solutions    
ADLTS2PIPE 293054 heat pipe for ADL855/945PC