S-UPS Overview

For projects with demanding power input situations like harsh enviroment (e1, Automotive, Transportation, Power Plant, Medical, Military) ADL Embedded Solutions designed the industrial grade S-UPS feature.

In case of interruption of the main DC supply the ADL S-UPS Controller takes over and keeps the systems up on running. The true periode in seconds to keep the system alive depends up on the CPU typ and workload.

CONFIGURATION ADLBIOS API, WIN Tools & Drivers, Linux Tools & Drivers
CAPACITY 2 or 4 greencaps (*)

(*differents capacities available up on project request)

S-UPS Evolution

For application where uptime counts: When system crash or system failings because of bad PSU conditions are no choice - all comes down to a reliable UPS feature. This UPS has to puffer at least a few seconds for stable operation and closing down the flash file system (save storage of the last application data).

Inspired by many costumer requests ADL Embeded Solutions developed an industrial grade second-UPS. With high MTBF and a modular choice of different capacity. usable for different CPU-Typ Setups.

  • Available for all common ADL PSU Typs (PS104, PS35, L-Peripheral)
  • Usable from Intel Atom up to Intel Core i7 CPU Typs
  • From 1 up to 30 seconds capacity-depending on CPU-Typ
  • OS and Driver free configuration available through ADL BIOS API
  • Tools and Driver support for Windows und Linux

Typical S-UPS Applications




There is no typical usecase - every application can benefit from reliable operation supportet by industrial grade UPS

• UAV and UUV Unmanned Systems
• Industrial Control Systems
• Government & Defense
• Video Surveillance
• Small Scale Robotics
• Remote Datalogging
• Man-Wearable Computing
• Factory 4.0, IoT, or Cloud Applications