Embedded Power Supplies



All PSUs offer wide-range input and stable, high-performance outputs.


When it comes to the stable operation of industrial PC systems or boards, everything starts with our reliable power supplies.

Tiny Size

Based on our standard form factors PC/104 and 3.5"-SBC, we offer the industry's leading miniature power supplies with advanced features.


Our power supplies are designed for operation in a wide range of temperatures and harsh environments.

PSU for 3.5"-SBCs

Item Code Description
CA2000-0020 V1 3.5"-PSU - 150W  5VDC Output
CA2000-0020 V2 3.5"-PSU - 150W  5V+12VDC Output
CA2000-0021 V1 3.5"-PSU-ISO - 150W  5V+12VDC Output

500V galvanic Isolation

PSU for PCIe/104-SBCs

Item Code Description
CA2040-0001 V1

PCIe/104 PSU - 150W 5VDC Output

CA2040-0001 V2 PCIe/104 PSU - 150W 5V+12VDC Output


CA2040-0000 V1

PCIe/104-ISO PSU - 150W, 5VDC Output
500V galvanic Isolation (MOQ 250 pcs. +)

CA2040-0000 V2

PCIe/104-ISO PSU - 150W, 5V+12VDC Output
500V galvanic Isolation (MOQ 250 pcs. +)