Thermal Solutions


Light Weight

ADL's thermal solutions have a compact form factor and help to save weight in space-critical applications.


All standard thermal solutions (COTS) can be modified (MCOTS) up to complete customer-specific designs.


We have been developing and manufacturing standard and customer-specific thermal solutions since 1994.


ADL's thermal solutions are designed to operate in a wide range of temperatures and harsh environments.


Item Code Description
0.6“ Heatspreader ADL Heatspreader Solution 0.6” for conduction cooling
1.0” Heatspreader ADL Heatspreader Solution 1.0” for conduction cooling

Heatsink + Fan

Item Code Description
Heatsink ADL Heatsink Solution for operation with fan
Heatsink Passive ADL Heatsink Solution for low profile passive/fanless operation
Heatsink for Heatspreader ADL Heatsink Solution for Heatspreader mount


Item Code Description
Passive Heatpipe ADL Heatpipe Solution for conduction cooling (855/945 only)


Item Code Description
Thermal Chassis Simulator ADL Chassis Simulator 10x10” for development


Item Code Description
Custom Thermal Solution Custom ADL support with semi- & fullcustom design of thermal solutions